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Driftwood Art: Where Coastal Houses Get a "Beachy" Makeover!

Driftwood Art: Where Coastal Houses Get a "Beachy" Makeover!

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Tired of your home looking as dry as a sandcastle on a rainy day? 🏰🌧️ Dive into the whimsical world of Driftwood Art, where creativity flows as naturally as the tide. These Driftwood Creations add so much seaside charm that even seagulls would be jealous! πŸ–οΈπŸŒŠ

Transform your space into a coastal haven and watch as your decor gets "swept away" by the beachy vibes. It's like a vacation for your living room! 🐚🏑 #DriftwoodArt #SeasideCharm #BeachyMakeover #HomeDecorFun

Price is per house. Just choose how many you want and the style from the pictures. They are all different due to the fact they are made to order.


All our products are made from Solid Wood or Hardwood Ply

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50cm x 40cm

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Handmade, Retro Cassette, Made to order, Solid Plywood, strong and durable. The Retro Cassette is made from Solid hardwood Ply

Retro Cassette Coffee table

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