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Elegant Room Screen Dividers: Versatile and Stylish Partition Solutions

Elegant Room Screen Dividers: Versatile and Stylish Partition Solutions

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Introducing our Elegant Room Screen Dividers, the perfect blend of functionality and style to transform any space. These versatile and stylish partition solutions offer a sophisticated way to divide rooms, create privacy, or simply add an artistic touch to your home or office.

Crafted with attention to detail, each divider features a timeless design that complements any décor, from modern minimalism to classic elegance. Whether you're looking to create a secluded workspace, a cozy reading nook, or an intimate area in a larger room, these screen dividers provide the flexibility and aesthetic appeal to meet your needs.

Please choose from the Black and White designs the one you want your design to be. All main Pictures are for illustration only

Please choose the preferred size form the ones provided. The panels will come made up but there will be som assemble for the hinges which will be very simple to fit together as all holes will be pre drilled.

The panels are made from 22mm Solid pine frame with a 6mm MDF Panel made up and complete with hinges.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Functionality: Ideal for separating living areas, enhancing privacy, or as a decorative accent.
  • Stylish Design: Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to match your space and style.
  • Quality Construction: Made with durable materials for long-lasting use and stability.
  • Easy to Use: Lightweight and foldable for convenient setup, repositioning, and storage.
  • Perfect Size: Designed to fit seamlessly into any space without overwhelming it.

Elevate your interior with our Elegant Room Screen Dividers, where functionality meets elegance to create the perfect atmosphere in any setting. Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, these dividers are not just practical; they are a statement of style

PLEASE READ:These are made to order and pictures are Ai generated for illustration purposes only. The actual screens we make are to an agreed design with the customer. They are UNPAINTED made from MDF


All our products are made from Solid Wood or Hardwood Ply

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50cm x 40cm

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